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Create Athletic Club was founded on the premise to be inclusive for as many as possible and we still stand by that driving force in creating classes and programs for all fitness levels. If you are interested in learning more about our classes we encourage you to get in touch or even better, contact us for your FREE Intro Session.

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Fundamentals Program

All programs at Create Athletic Club begin with private 1 on 1 to semi private 1 on 2 sessions designed to get you ready for group classes. Our commitment is to have every athlete joining our group classes properly trained and up to speed. We keep the quality of our classes high by making sure people coming in are ready to hit the ground running.

Create Fit Hybrid Membership

Create Fit classes consist of anything and everything from High Intensity Interval Training, Plyometrics, Weightlifting, Metabolic Conditioning and so much more. Classes run 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration. We are able to put together a membership package individualized for your specific needs and goals.

KidFit Youth Program

Our KidFit program is designed for children aged 6-11. This program teaches children movement patterns useful for everyday life but also coaches them on proper lifting technique and helps instill confidence. This program utilizes games and skill sessions to help motivate while maintaining a level of fun in class. Class times run 1 hour in length and include a short session to end each class with a daily question, reading module or other skill building component. 

TeenFit Youth Program

TeenFit is a program geared for youth aged 12-17. We utilize our KidFit program and add further variety and increased strength and conditioning. TeenFit is a great stepping stone to our adult program but will also help your child with their athletic accomplishments thru various sports teams as well instill a level of confidence and understanding of goal setting, unparalleled in our region. Classes run 1 hour in duration and is headed up by Coach Mina.

Mobility Classes

Create Mobility classes are run by Coach Andrew and are focused on bulletproofing our joints, creating strong movement patterns and building strength in multiple planes. Mobility classes are run in seasonal blocks.

Barbell Club

Create Athletic Club is proud to offer an awesome place to work on your Olympic Llifting. Our Barbell Club operates thru various on and off cycles to keep things fresh and help our clients focus on all aspects of their physical fitness.

Drop In Clients

We do accept drop in's but ask that your coach at your current gym contact us as we want to ensure your fitness level prior to letting you jump into class. This is for both YOUR safety and liability purposes.

$25 + tax per session